Intelligent equipment for harsh environments.

Cortex uses IFM sensors, a range of sensing equipment that has been specifically designed to be reliable and suited for harsh, rugged conditions.

Customise your remote automation systems.

Automation is a significant investment in your rig, in consultation with our highly experienced engineering team you can choose the finer details of the automation fit out.

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Automatic remote controls, rod handling & rigs

Changing rods using conventional manual handling is labour intensive and time-consuming, each rod weighs up to 200kg including core samples. Automation is the answer.

Robust automation. Robust business.

An underground rod handling unit has the ability to control positions to within 0.05 of a degree repeatability, enabling successfully automated processes of loading and unloading rods, tubes and kelly rods and eradicating manual handling. Which then increases productivity and removes personnel from the line of fire.

Withstands the toughest elements.

This has been achieved by pairing the hardware with in-house developed software and controls resulting in an industry-unique closed-loop adaptive control system. Four systems are currently deployed in South East Asia.

Cutting-edge systems with hyper precision.

A high frequency of data sampling, edge computing, artificial intelligence and ease of access gives you complete control.

Help when you need it.

Our system is constantly monitoring your assets, with flags raised for various conditions enabling rapid decision making.

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Move faster and further with MDP.

Record, monitor and analyse geological data remotely from each rig.

Gather geological data down-hole in real time.

The Cortex MDP system provides driller real-time information about standard drill performance and sends diagnostic logs and mineral reports to Control HQ. The intuitive graphic display shows system pressures, temperatures and speeds, as well as calculated and mathematically modelled projections of ground conditions for better-informed drilling decisions and improved performance.

This isn’t factory-made. It’s made durable for the real world.

Sensors are provided by the recognised world leader in harsh environment sensors – IFM. German-made, with a strong presence in Australia. Sensors are built to be durable, each sensor has a 5-year warranty. Software creation and support are done by the Cortex team in Perth WA.

Want your MDP modified and tweaked to fit for purpose? Easy.

The advanced machine learning output; such as dashboard graphics can be ‘bespoke tailored’ to your requirements by the Cortex team in Perth WA.

Automatic, continuous calibration means accurate results the first time, and reports based on actual rig performance. Get the complete picture with data on mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, engine and operational systems, plus geo-stamped downtime. Machine learning is also employed to create mathematically modelled projections of mineral deposits with less need for traditional, time-consuming sampling methods.

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