No software to install.
Get secure, web-based control.

Data securely transferred from rig site to Cortex systems then accessible through your internet connected device.

Easily understandable results from data analysis.

Tailored output via NURV, logs, charts, maps and different display formats. Secure and accessible, only to those who need to know.

Improvements business-wide with accessible metadata.

You can monitor at your chosen level; rig, fleet, mine site or region. You decide.

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Nurv will gather, validate and report real-time operational data.

For many businesses, the ability to capture data has outgrown the capacity to manage it effectively. Cortex Intelligence Systems manages your data for you, using AI and machine learning along with other software processing to check it.

Real-time asset management. Right now.

Cortex has developed the automated reporting dashboard and automation platform inline with the MDP system, to provide all necessary personnel with the desired information they require at the desired intervals. Whether that is a live feed from the rig, daily production report, weekly operation report or monthly rig fleet overview report and daily KPI tracking for each rig and each site.

As well as the ground condition and substrate analysis, a focus is made to assess drill platform performance, specifically fuel usage and unplanned downtime, in an attempt to recoup project costs with cost-saving recommendations for performance and operation.

Asset Management & Monitoring.

Intelligent video monitoring.

NURV Optics enhances the platform by providing the user with the ability to live stream video content from cameras installed on the assets. Current implementations of the NURV Optics are for monitoring forward and rear working areas of drill rigs. These are a direct result of the increased requirement for transparency over working activities at the remote locations, but also sets up a framework for the monitoring of autonomous systems.

The camera systems are capable of storing up to 256 GB of video footage for each device that is downloadable via the NURV asset management platform. This provides 3 days of footage at 8MP or 6 days at 3MP (for 24/7 operations).

Proactive alert systems.

Alarms for equipment status, downtime and drilling parameters. 3D animation colour codes reflect alarm status.

Efficient data analysis. Always web-based.

Always web based means your data can be accessed from anywhere you are connected to the internet, not relying on one computer.

active automation solution
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No more separate systems.

MDP, Synapse and NURV are all part of an integrated system adaptable for a range of assets in the field.

An interface to visualise all your assets in the field.

The NURV Interface allows for full customisation of the visualisation of all assets in field, allowing for an overview of the real-time performance of your systems in the format that best suits your specific requirements. With multiple view layouts available of your assets available, each view can be tailored for specific departmental usage (management, maintenance, executive/performance, technical etc.) .

Customised processes for your project or workflow.

The NURV interface allows for asset groups to be assigned “Project parameters” allowing for asset monitoring and analysis within project specific criteria such as KPI’s and or process workflow management. Whilst these assets can be assigned to groups they can at the same time be treated as part of the wider fleet, with additional but separate metrics and workflows assigned to them.

Intergrate your current systems into one platform.

The Cortex System can integrate all systems (including third party systems) into one accessible platform. It can also add in other, third party, digital data such as wireline, sample bag scanning etc.

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