Automation isn't coming, It's here.

Cortex software and engineering services have been created with mining in mind.


Custom concepts, fit for purpose

Cortex engineers design each automation from the ground up. Our creations are available off the shelf, or customised to your operation

  • Data Collection

    We’re pushing boundaries: with real-time sensor uploads from plant and mobile fleet, technicians can diagnose issues remotely and rectify them.

  • Data Analysis

    Cortex’s game-changing approaches to efficiency means you can now analyse mineral samples down-hole and instantly auto-adjust core processes.

  • Storage

    We’ve got your back. All data is securely stored onboard machines as well as sent to base using extreme compression (saving on transmission charges).

  • Reporting

    Track machine usage, hours and geolocation. Use high-density data for 3D exploration modelling to get the big picture, long term.

Automation Isn't coming It's here.

Automation isn’t about removing people, it’s about moving them out of harm’s way. Find out about operational training and our free programming workshops.

Learn about general automated drilling operations and how to analyse ground conditions using genuine, real world data.
Join us for an open forum, free course to learn Ladder Logic, applicable PLC and Advanced PC programming.


Programming and On Site Management

The black magic behind the automation is programming. That’s us. To keep operations simple or automate them entirely, we program in a number of languages and collaborate with the most talented software and control system engineers on the planet.

  • Robotics

    We don’t just work with engineers, we are engineers: creating the software that adds value to hardware and moves the industry forward.

  • Industrial

    Programmable Logic Control meets advanced PC programming to create an integrated system that’s profoundly intuitive to the end user.

  • Drilling Control Systems

    Control systech hasn’t changed since the ‘50s. Cortex lifts machines out of the dial-and-gauge steampunk past with clear computer displays.

  • Automation

    Sure, we can alter to automate. But we also redesign from the ground up for some groundbreaking results.


Equipment Manufacturing

Yep, we build it too. From industrial hydraulic devices to custom circuitry, our engineering team know how to build stuff tough. Discover more about our custom automation services in Perth.

See it in action

Lost time costs time. Experience the power of automation for yourself with our interactive demonstration. We’d love to know what you think.