Record, monitor and analyse geological data remotely from each rig.

Gather geological data down-hole in real time.

The Cortex MDP system provides driller real-time information about standard drill performance, and sends diagnostic logs and mineral reports to Control HQ. The intuitive graphic display shows system pressures, temperatures and speeds, as well calculated and mathematically modeled projections of ground conditions for better informed drilling decisions and improved performance.


Advanced machine learning.

Automatic, continuous calibration means accurate results first time. and reports based on actual rig performance. Get the complete picture with data on mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, engine and operational systems, plus geo-stamped downtime. Machine learning is also employed to create mathematically modeled projections of mineral deposits with less need for traditional, time-consuming sampling methods.

Build your operation on accuracy. Get provable performance and consumables reporting for billing.

  • Improved operational performance
  • Improved data accuracy and resolution
  • Instant geological information
  • Accuracy in PLOD and consumables reporting
  • Real-time modelling of geological data
  • Reduced rig downtime

Get rapid production of certifiable and quantifiable rig data, for immediate use or for as part of a larger investigation.