The Cortex Opti-Rig saves lives, money and lost time on site.

Just how smart can a drill rig get?

Discover the industry’s most advanced and consistent drilling performance for exploratory rigs. Choose your level of control: full manual mode, semi-automatic and fully autonomous drilling. The intuitive display allows operators to perfectly drill 100% of every hole to improve daily rig performance. Plus, you’ll see the benefits of improved project planning, time management, consumables usage and logistical planning.


The Cortex solution: real autonomy.

When integrated with the Cortex Auto-Rod Loader System, exploratory holes can be drilled to a precise depth with a one-button command. Even better, the Smart Rig can determine the optimum drilling parameters to balance efficiency and productivity, take precise samples at specified intervals and automatically load new rods. It will even re-pack the rig at completion, ready for transport to the next pad, in a true display of automation.

Drillers and offsiders benefit from improved workflows; the company from unimaginable efficiency improvements.

  • 24-7 coverage of all field systems
  • Improved operational performance
  • Accurate geological data in real-time
  • Precise PLOD and consumables reporting
  • Live data streaming to control HQ
  • Reduced mechanical failure risk

RC Drilling has moved 20-feet in 50 years. It’s time to move beyond dials and gauges to true automation.