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Chris Hold

Chris Hold is the founder of Cortex, designed to deliver high-level, “complete system automation” for the mining sector.

Chris graduated University of Sussex, majoring in Engineering; Robotics, Cybernetics and Process Automation. In spite of his intelligence, he is not an AI robot.Prior to founding Cortex, Chris Hold’s prodigious talent was utilised in the role of Engineering Manager (Mobile Fleet Division) of a Perth engineering firm. As well as taking on responsibilities of a project manager, he led a team of engineers and software designers in the development and maintenance of control systems.
His expertise in industrial software has seen him consulting in Germany, Poland, USA, Turkey, Angola, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Japan and New Zealand. More specifically, his work within the resources sector includes programming blast truck remote and autonomous control systems, drilling data monitoring, and autonomous controlled drilling.
He was the lead software engineer during the development of the Perth City Link underground train tunnel project, controlling all life-critical systems, ventilation and communications. Working with multiple stakeholders, this large-scale, long-term and complex civil works undertaking speaks to his critical thinking and project management abilities.
After working in automation consulting for a number of years, he created Cortex to deliver high-level, “complete system automation” for the mining sector. When he’s not kicking goals in software engineering, you’ll find him kicking fewer on the football field, playing for Quinns FC. Yes, we’re talking the real, round football; Chris originally hails from the UK.Cortex is based in Balcatta, working closely with Ranger Drilling, a development partner of the organisation.

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Ranger Drilling

Working primarily in exploratory mineral drilling, Cortex co-developed automated rigs with Ranger Drilling to improve efficiency and safety.

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