Machine data is now manageable.

The mining industry is embracing new technologies and it is now possible to put a multitude of sensors on drilling rigs and other plant equipment. This is producing so much data that it is becoming impossible for humans to analyse and interpret without proper software analytics tools

Cortex Intelligence Systems is different, yes we will provide the sensors and interface to acquire this data however we also provide unparalleled automated analysis, interpretation and ease of access to the end user.

Intelligent solutions that transcend industries.

Cortex, through collaboration with a leading Western Australian mining drilling contractor and a major global provider of sensors, controllers, software and systems for industrial automation and digitalisation worldwide, provides the answer to the challenge of data management.

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Active Automation

Cortex is not constrained by traditional industrial control engineering, we have developed fast, responsive, intelligent and ultimately safe controls platforms with a wide range of capabilities.

Cutting edge technologies across control systems, telemetry, data communications, encryption, graphical interfacing, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Asset Management & Monitoring

Cortex has developed the automated reporting dashboard and automation platform in line with the MDP system, to provide all necessary personnel with the information they require at intervals they need, whether a live feed from the drilling platform, daily production report, weekly operation report or monthly rig fleet overview report and daily KPI tracking for each rig and site.

Software Development

All of these dashboards are fully customisable and can be configured for user specified data. This is enabled by the unique CORTEX software design and engineering philosophy, providing exactly and accurately the data the client needs.

Co-develop your automation system with cortex.

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The game has already changed. Here’s how.

See how Cortex has delivered for various clients.